How to Wax a Snowboard – Snowboard Waxing 101

If you want the maximum speed, and the smoothest sliding, you need a well waxed snowboard. You can either pay to have a professional wax it, or you can go the other route and wax it yourself.

Do it yourself vs. the professional

If you do not care about paying someone to do the job for you, we recommend that you get it done by a professional, often times the job will be better, and you will end up with a faster and better board. That does not mean that you can do a good job yourself, and if you get really great at it, you might even do a better job than someone that does it for a living. When you do it yourself, you can do it just as you like, and you can spend as much time on it as you want, and you can tweak it to your preferences.

How often?

To get the most out of your snowboard, we recommend that you wax your snowboard often, it is advised that you wax every third time you use your board. If you do not wax your board, you will get a slower ride, and you can risk damaging the board, which will be very unfortunate.


Before you go ahead and start waxing you snowboard, you will need a couple of items. If you are waxing for the first time, and do not have any of the items, we have recommended one of each things, expect the cloth, which everybody probably has.


The wax is the most important thing. There are many different kinds of wax out there, but we can recommend the Herel super hot sauce, which comes in a ¾ lb brick. You can check it out right here.


Snowboard iron

You will need a snowboard iron to spread out the wax. When the wax is heated up, it will get down in the snowboard, and when it get heated at the same time, it will be applied in the best way possible. A snowboard iron is the most complicated thing you need, and it is also the most expensive one. We recommend the Dakine Iron, which you can get right here. It is made out of stainless steel, and it is adjustable, so you can find the right temperature for your wax.


The scraper is the simplest item other than the cloth, you can get any scraper you want, but a plastic one is recommended, if you do not have a scraper or something that can fulfill its place, we recommend that you by this one here, which is a Stage scraper.


You will need a brush to create small grooves in the wax, and it is also a good way to remove the scraped of wax. You can use almost any brush, but again if you do not have any, we recommend this one from Stage.

Complete kit

If you want a complete kit, instead of having to buy all of these things separately, you can get a kit. We recommend the Demon Tune Kit, which comes with everything you will need to wax your board. It even comes with a couple of optional items like a file, if you want the optimal waxing of your board. The kit comes in a handy carry case, so you can take it with you, for tuning on the run.

Ready to Wax

Now that you have gotten all of the items you are ready to wax you board. Waxing is actually pretty simple, and it is fun thing to do, or at least if you like the feeling melting wax.

Unscrew your bindings

The first thing you need to do, is to take you bindings off. It will make the board easier to wax, you then need to turn the board over, so you have it bottom up.

Get the iron ready

To speed up the process, you can heat up your iron right now. The reason it is important to get a snowboarding iron, is because a traditional iron have holes, which will get filled with wax, and make a big mess. If you use a traditional iron, it will also ruin your clothes when you try to iron them, so get a snowboarding iron!

Clean the board

Before you wax your board, you should clean it from dirt and debris first. You can clean the board with a cloth, and when you have done that, you are ready for waxing.

Melt the wax

When your iron is heated up, you take you wax and press it against the hot side of the iron. The wax will slowly melt, and you then want it to drip down on your board. Do not worry about it not covering the hole board, we will get to that later. You want to spread the wax out over the whole board, you want to get it is even as possible.

Spread the wax

Now that you have wax on your board, you can put the wax away, and use the iron directly on the board, to spread it out. This will ‘push’ the wax down into the board, which is what we want. When you are ironing the board, you should move slowly, and it as forward and backwards moving motion. It is important that you do not keep the iron stationary as that damage the board.

Scrape off excess wax

When you have iron the wax, you need to your scraper, and scrape the board from wax. This sound wired, but it will remove any bumps in the wax, and you should not worry about removing most of the wax, as a thin layer is the best.

Make grooves

You should now take your brush, and brush forward and backwards, just like when you were ironing the wax. This process will produce small like or grooves in the wax, which is make the board ride better.


The last step is polishing the board, and to do so, you just take a new cloth, and move it in small circles across the board.


Now you are done waxing your board, and you can go out and ride it. If you have any questions you can leave them down below.


If you dont understand the steps in the guide, or you want to see the waxing in a video form, we can recommend this

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