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What makes a good pair of snowboarding gloves. It is very important that, you get a good pair of gloves. Gloves protects your hands, and that is very important, as they are a crucial part of snowboarding. When you are doing tricks on the board, you will need to mobility of your hands, so that you can move freely.

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Are you already starting to freeze? Then check this table out, and get yourself a pair of natural insulators.
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What makes a good pair of gloves?

There are a couple of things, that snowboarding gloves need to do, or to say it with other words, there are a couple of things, that snowboarding gloves needs to allow you to do.


Your gloves need to be flexible, so you can move around freely, you will need to grasp things more often than you think, like when you are going up the ski lift.


The gloves you get also needs to be well insulated, there is nothing worse than being out in the snow, while your hands are freezing. You might spend a lot of money on a fancy board, and you will be full of regret, and you are freezing, because you stepped down on your gloves. The gloves that you end up getting, will need to be able to withstand very low temperatures.


Lets face it, nobody will go around with a pair of bright pink 80’s mittens. It is important that you get a pair of gloves, that you will feel conferrable wearing. When you are going down the big hill, your head should be filled with thoughts of doing amazing tricks, and not worries of the fact that the woman behind you, is staring right at your… gloves.


It is a disaster if your gloves fall of, while you are going down a hill, so you will need to get a pair that will fit your hands. Some gloves have straps, which will make the gloves fit better, and that is a great way of making sure that your gloves will not fall off.


Burton Men’s Profile Gloves

burton gloves

Now to the good stuff, this might be the best snowboarding gloves, the BURTON men’s profile gloves, are a great pair of gloves. The gloves has an outer layer of Tough grip, which is a material, that will make it easy for you, to get a good grip around even the coldest items. The really good thing about the BURTON gloves, is that they are made so you can use your phone, even with the gloves on. Most smartphone screens works, by using the power of leading electricity though your fingers. Do not be shocked, as this is not dangerous. The gloves replicates this, which means, that you can use your phone, even with the gloves on. It is really nice to be able to take photos or record a video without having to take the gloves off. You can also easily take a call while wearing the gloves.

The gloves is insulated with thermacore insulation, which is one of the best types of insulation on the market. Thermacore is a form of synthetic insulation, and it works really great. Burton keeps the secret of how Thermacore works, but either way, it works really great. You will have a hard time getting cold on your hands with the gloves. We used the gloves down to temperatures under 10 degrees, and they did not feel cold. If you lay your gloves on a radiator before you go out, they will feel fantastic to wear, just a pro tip.

Over all the Burton Men’s Profile gloves is a great pair of gloves for the price. The gloves will give your warmth on the piste. The gloves come in three differnet colors, the first one is a normal black color. The second colors is a green one, but it is a little mixed with brown, so if you want to go stealth, that would be a good pick. The last variant is a black one with red and blue stripes. The gloves come in seven different sizes, from x-small to xx.-large.

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Burton Gore-Tex Gloves

good winter gloves

The next pair of gloves is from Burton too, and in all honesty they make a great pair of gloves. The gloves has a layer of Screen Grip, which makes it so you can use your phone with the gloves, just as with the Burton Profile gloves. The gloves are put together in a really smart way. They consist of two layers. The first layer is a actually a glove, which you take on first. The first pair of gloves are made out of Gore Fabric, which is both breathable and warm. When you have two layers of gloves it makes it much easier to keep your natural body heat in. The second pair of gloves, which should be put on after the first pair, is the gloves themselves. The actually gloves are made out of Polyester, and Thermacore and Gore-Tex has together made the gloves really resistant to cold. The inner pair of gloves have grip coating lines on them, which means that the two glove pairs, have a hard time sliding from each other. The gloves are relatively long, and in the bottom at wrist level, there is a elastic band, which make the gloves hit on perfectly. On the other side of the wrist part of the gloves, there is a strap, which you can use the tighten the gloves even more, to make for an even better fit.

The clever thing about the removable inner lining glove, is that it makes it easy to customize the glove for any purpose. When you are going out for only a couple of minutes, you can take on the inner lining, instead of the whole glove. If you are going shoveling the inner gloves are a great pair for maximum flexibility, as they are both warm and flexible. The inner gloves dry quickly, which is a big plus in the big array of gloves on the market.

When it is the high point of winter, you can combine the gloves, and take on both the inner and the outher gloves. You get the maximum level of insulation when you combine the two gloves. The inner gloves dries very very quickly, which means that you can get out in the snow quickly after they have dried, instead of you having to wait for the whole glove to dry. When you sweat the inner gloves ‘breathe’ out most of your sweat, and the little bit left behind quickly gets dry, when you put the gloves on a radiator. The gloves work the same way with incoming snow/water, water has a hard time getting through the gloves, as the Gore-Tex technology layer minimizes the amount of water which can get into the gloves.

You might have guessed it, you can also use the gloves with only the outer part. When it is neither cold enough to wear the whole pair of gloves nor hot enough to go without, you can use the outer layer of gloves, as your only insulation. The ‘second’ pair of gloves are insulated with the same technology as the first one, which is the combination of Gore-Tex and thermocore, which is something that can hardly be beaten.

The gloves comes in six different sizes, from x-small to x-large, and for most people they will fit perfectly. The gloves comes in four different styles. The first variant of the gloves is called Bog Heather, and it looks really cool. The next variant is a camouflage theme, which is great if you want to use the gloves, all though not recommended, for other things such as hunting. The third is a pitch black color, and the fourth is a bright green version.

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Gordini GTX Storm Tropper II Gloves

stromtropper gloves

Want to snowboard your way through Empire forces? Then you might want to get this great pair of snowboarding gloves. The gloves will ensure that you can use your Jedi powers, to get to the top level of your snowboarding game, instead of having to worry about freezing your fingers off. The Gordini gloves mare made out of 94 % nylon and 6% spandex. The spandex adds flexibility and a little stretch to the gloves, which means that you will get an better fit.

The gloves are coated with an anti slip coating, which means that you will not loose anything that you are holding. The thumb and index finer part of the gloves have also been reinforce, and they are the most crucial parts of the gloves.

The gloves are insulated with Gore-Tex inserts, and they are also ‘powered’ by Mega Loft insulation. Where the writs are, you can strap the glove tightly onto your wrist, so they will not fall off. The gloves has a small pocket, where you can put in hand warmers, if you want too. The gloves comes in three different colors, the first one is a normal black one, the second is a gun black colored pair and the third option is a yellow padded version, which makes the gloves hard to loose sight of. You can also get the pair in five different sizes, ranging from small to xx-large. The gloves has a smart little feature, they can be attached to your jacket, so you can take the off for a brief moment without losing them, this might be the best snowboarding gloves.

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