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It can be very confusing with all different kinds of terms, when you are getting started with snowboarding, so we have made this list of the best beginner snowboards. When ever we mention a snowboarding term, we will try to explain what it means, so that you do not get lost in advanced terms

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Snowboarding is a really fun sport, it offers plenty of fun in the snow, it is a great things to do with friends or family. But before you can go snowboarding, you need a board, normally your buy a snowboard and then a pair of bindings. Bindings are holders, where you strap in your feet. Instead of having to purchase bindings and a board, we have only reviewed boards which include bindings, to spare you for the hassle.

There are a couple of things you should do before buying a snowboard, so that you can get a board which will fit your size and needs. Length is the most important thing, when it comes to snowboards, you can calculate how long your board should be based on your height. You take your height in inches times 2.54 times 0.88, then you get your advised board length in cm. If you are using the metric system, you can just take your height times 0.88, and you will get the same result.


When you are buying a beginner snowboard, you should not be too worried about the length of it, or you should at least take it as a recommendation, getting a board that is 10 cm longer or shorter than the recommended is okay, as it does not matter that much, when you are buying a beginner board


If you are planning on cruising down hills on your snowboard, you should get a snowboard that is rather stiff. Flexibility and stiffness is just a way of saying how bendable the snowboard is. Flexibility is good for doing tricks, and stiffness is better for just ridding the board.


Price is an important thing for most people, so that should be taken into account too. A lot of people think that snowboarding is a really expensive sport, but that in not actually true. It can be expensive, but there is also a lot of entry level snowboards out there, and expect the board, you only really need bindings which comes with the boards on this list. Having a good pair of winter clothing is also a good idea when snowboarding, so that you do not run cold.

Freeride 130 cm Snowboard

snowboard sideways

The first snowboard on the list is Freeride snowboard, the board is great for those getting into snowboarding. The board is 130 cm long, which is perfect for most people, because when you are starting out, the length is not that important, and as a matter of fact, most people feel that longer boards are harder to steer.

The freeride board is shaped like a normal snowboard, with a narrow middle, and wider ends. The ends end in a half circle, which is great for going through snow. The edges of the board are curved, to make the ride smoother, which is a great thing.

The board comes with bindings (the things you use to stay on the board) attached, which makes is much easier to get started with riding. Even though the bindings are not that high quality, they are still good enough for beginners. All in all the Freeride board is great for the beginner snowboarder.

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Lucky Bums Snowboard

Lucky Bums snowboard in blue

The Lucky Bums snowboard is also a great snowboard it comes with bindings attached too. The boards made out of plastic, but it still feels really strong. The board is made primarily for children, but small adults might be able to use it too.

If you are going on a ski vacation with your children, this is a great board to bring, as it will allow them to get into snowboard, without having to break the bank. Most children will get plenty of fun out of riding a snowboard, so if you want to show them the world of snowboarding, you should get this board.

The board is colored blue, and in one end there is the logo of Lucky Bums, and in the other end there is a flying cannonball. Your kids will be able to easily use the board, as it is really easy to get strapped into the bindings. You just step into them, and the strap in the straps, and then you do not have to worry about falling off.

The board is recommended for children over the age of 9, and it does not have any sharp corners, so you do not have to worry about the safety of your children, but it is advised to keep an eye on them.

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Camp Seven Valdez Snowboard Kit

Black snowboard, boots and bindings

This is the kit to get if you are an adult looking to get into snowboarding. The snowboard comes with a kit with a snowboard, bindings and boots. The kit is absolutely amazing, and the price for it is very good. You can get into snowboarding without breaking the bank, which is the worry of many people who want to start snowboarding.

The board looks pretty good, and it is 163 cm long, which is a great length for most adults. The boots included in the package is great for winter stuff, where you want to be able walk even when the ground is frozen and probably very slippery. The boots are of the brand System, and they both look good, and they are very comfortable to wear too. You pick your shoe size when buying the board, so you should not be worried about not being able to fit the boots.

The kit also comes with bindings, so you can use the board. The bindings are of very high quality, so you should not be worried about those either. The kit is perfect for everybody, and we have rated the snowboard as a medium board, which is good for both cruise and doing tricks.

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