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Are you looking to buy a new all mountain snowboard or maybe your first ever snowboard, either way we are here to help your out. Snowboarding is a super fun sport, when you get started, you will never be able to stop again. There are so many boards to choose from in the world of snowboarding, and if you do not know what to look for, you can easily get lost.


Prices of snowboard range from 50 $ all the way up to a thousand, which means that everybody that wants to snowboard, can get into it. We have included snowboards on this list that are in the budget end and in the pro end, so there is one for everybody. If it is your first time ever going snowboard, and if you do not know whether or not you will like it yet, you can rent a snowboard first, and see if it is something that you like.


The board you get should fit the bindings, that you have or decide to get. Most snowboard have a bund of holes, which you can connect your bindings to, but it depends from board to board. You should find out how much space there is between your legs, and thus if you will be able to use the board.


You should get a good looking board, but there are so many different design out there, so which one should you pick? The one that you think you will feel comfortable with wearing, as it is all about feeling good, so pick what you like, and not what you think others like. We like the looks of the boards on this list, but that does not mean that you might like them, so think wisely about that.


What you are going to use the board for? Some boards are made for cruising down a hill, others are made for doing sick tricks, so you should think about the purpose of you board, and get one that will meet your need and wants.


The quality of a boards varies greatly from board to board, and the rule of thumb is that, the more you pay for your board, the better quality the board will be. The material of the board is often a great factor when it comes to quality.

Burton Custom Flying V

Custom snowobard all mountian

Fly like a bird with the awesome board from Burton. The Custom is a classic snowboard, which has been in production in over 20 years, and that is one way to be assured of its quality. The board is made purely for mountain riding, and to be honest, that is also one of the most fun things of snowboarding. When you are riding between tall pine trees, the whole world in front of you.

The Burton board is the choice of many pros, for example Mikkel Bang, because of the combination of the precision and the control you have over the board. The board is made with the Flying V design. The Flying V design is a really great way to make cambers, the board starts in the middle, where the primary point is. When the point is in the middle, it makes it easier to make turns, and you have the weight just between your legs, which is the best thing. The board the goes outwards and creates two cambers, and then they go down again to form two rockers, for a total of three rockers, where the big one is in the middle.

The Flying V shape is a funny shape, that you would not have thought of yourself, but it actually makes for a really smooth ride.

The Custom Burton board is filled with amazing technology. Our favorite thing about it, is the channel, which is the Channel, which is the way that bindings connect to the board. A normal snowboard has holes in which you need to connect your bindings, but the the Channel made by burton, makes it so you can connect you bindings were ever you want, and it is not only Burtons bindings.

The core of the snowboard is of the Super Fly II type, which is a really great core, that will provide great pop. The way that the core is made, ensures that you will get the lightest possible board, as the combined woods will make the core stronger, without adding more weight.

The board is directionally shaped, to give you the best experience in any terrain, both in parks and in the backcountry. The twin shape is also  great if you want to use the board for freestyle, which you can do.

All in all, the Burton Custom board is great for those in search of a board that can be used for it all. The boar is an all-around board, that will serve you well in the harshest and the mildest conditions.

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Rome Gang Plank

Gang Plank Snowboard

The Rome Gang Plank is another great board, it is priced at roughly the same level of greatness as the Burton Flying V board. The board is a twin shaped board, which is the same shape as the Burton board.

The Gang Plank board is a normal shaped board, with a flat surface in the middle, and a rocker in each side of the board. This is the very original shape that made snowboard into, what it is today. The shape is great for beginners, that are starting out with snowboarding.

It you were to describe the design of the board, it would be with the words; Hawaii-disco. The words gang plank are written on the board. On the other side of the board, there are drawn funky disco shapes, which gives the board a very unique look.

The board has a core of bamboo, that gives the board a great snap and quick responsiveness. The bamboo core is also super lightweight, and that is great for all mountain riding, which is what were are looking for here.

If you are looking for a fancy board, with unique looks, and a core that is rare, you should go for the Rome Gang Plank.

The board comes in 6 different sizes. The biggest one being 158 cm, and the smallest one 146 cm. The board is a little small, so it suites smaller people the best. The best feature of the board is the SinterTrue base, which is really good at absorbing wax, to give you the smoothest ride.

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Nitro Blacklight Snowboard

Nitro Board

Get up to real speed with the Nitro Blacklight, the fasted board on the block. The board is really fast, which is a great snowboard with a very competitive price point. The board cost about half of what a premium board from a brand like Lib Tech.

The board has a sintered bottom, which is vey great for speed. The board is made for the mountains, where you need a strong board, that will not break or fail you. The Nitro board is not that responsive, but it is fast to make up for it.

The board is shaped like a traditional board with standard camber, where the rockers are on the edges, this leads to an even faster design, which is what the Blacklight is going for.

You can get the Nitro Blacklight in three different sizes, the smallest one being 156 cm, and the biggest one 162 cm. These sizes are a bit bigger than the Gang Plank board, so you can pick between the two, if you like a fast board.

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Salomon Spark Snowboard

colorful women's board

The Salomon Spark snowboard is another traditional snowboard, it is made with the flat bottom design. The rockers are out in the sides, where they give support for the board, and make the riding experience smoother. The board is also twin directional, so you can chose the way you want, as some people like to ride ‘the other way’.

The board is pretty soft, but it can still be used for the mountains, but sometimes it is nice to be able to do tricks too, instead of always being in the mountains, where there are not many ways to do tricks.

The board has 10 holes on each side for connecting bindings, which is very convenient. The board comes in sizes from 136 cm to 146 cm, which makes it a snowboard mostly for shorter people or women. The colors of the board is also more appealing to women.

Lib Tech Skunk Ape C2 BTX Snowboard

Lib Tech Skunk Ape C2

What a long name, but regardless of the name this is a great board. We will start of with the best board, there is no other way to say it, this is the best snowboard out there. The Lib Tech C2 board has been ridden to Olympic gold medals, which just snows that it is a great board.

The boards price greatly matches the quality, as both are in the top. The Lib Tech snowboard is made with the highest quality, the boards have seven focus points, which are crafted with the uppermost precision. There of the focus point are between your feet, then then two bore just outside, and then one of each of the highpoints on the board curve. The board is even handcrafted in the US, so you can be assured of the quality.

The board is made out of aspen, polonia and Columbian, which has long fibers for the optimal experience, the board has internal birch sidewalls, and the edges are curved for a great pop, for when you are doing tricks.

If you are going for the very best snowboarding experience and you do not care about the price, you should go for the Lib Tech board, which is the best all mountain snowboard, and it does not look bad either!


Avalanche Source Snowboard

Avalanche Source snowboard black and blue

If you are looking for an entry level snowboard, then the Avalanche Source Boar is your answer, the board is pretty good, and considering the price it is a smash hit. The board is an all mountain type, so you can have great fun, while you are riding down the mountains. The board has medium flexibility, which is great when you just want to have fun, and maybe try out with a couple of tricks.

The board has 8 mounting holes on each side, which gives you plenty of options for making it fit your body. Getting the perfect fit, can be a real challenge, but the Source board has a lot of options for customizing the standing experience.

All in all, the Avalanche Source snowboard is a great board. If it is your first time snowboarding, you should really go for this one. The style of the board is pretty good too, the graphics on the board is pretty laid back, which is the way most people like it.

Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard

blue mountian board

The Jones board is the medium priced board on the list. The board is not cheap, but it is not really expensive either, making it a good fit for those, that want to get more serious with snowboarding. If you have tried snowboard and like it, and want to get your own first ‘real’ board, then this might be your best bet.

The Jones Mountain snowboard is a pretty stiff board, it has gotten a rating of 7 on their own stiffness scale. So you will be able to go ride down hills, but tricks requiring flexible boards, is not the purpose of this board, if you want a skills only board, you should check out some super flexible boards instead.

The board looks awesome, with detailed art on the back of it which really shines. The board can be used both ways, thus the twin name. The board comes in a couple of different sizes, there is actually seven different sizes to choose from, to offer you the maximum array of options. The board is classified as Mellow Magne Traction, which is a type of ‘coating’ Jones use, and in reality, it works very well, when you are going on snow, and it makes you go even faster, which equals more fun.

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